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DSM-Firmenich Houdan SAS, pioneer in the postbiotic marketplace

DSM-Firmenich Houdan SAS
is a division of French pharmaceuticals company based close to Paris in Houdan, France. It is part of the DSM-Firmenich Houdan SAS.

DSM-Firmenich Houdan SAS works with researchers across the world to better understand how the microbiome can influence our digestive health and boost our immune system.

DSM-Firmenich Houdan SAS develops and manufactures postbiotics which are active compounds derived from the beneficial bacteria that are naturally found in our digestive system. The Lactéol® digestive range is based on bacterial strains known as Lactobacillus LB.

Lactéol® products are designed to settle upset tummies and relieve the symptoms of digestive disorders.

The patented manufacturing process used to make the postbiotics is known as ECHO because it Enriches, Concentrates and Heat treats microOrganisms. It is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for the pharmaceutical industry.

 Thanks to its unique ECHO production process, DSM-Firmenich Houdan SAS offers effective postbiotic solutions to improve digestive health

ECHOTM, an exclusive fermentation process

ECHOTM is a special production process that consists of fermenting, heating and drying bacteria and their components. This process results in stable, naturally based postbiotic compounds that are effective in helping to maintain good digestive health and have a good safety profile.


The Lactobacillus LB contained in Lactéol® is cultured using an optimised fermentation process that provides a high concentration of bacteria together with their active components.


The strains of Lactobacillus LB are inactivated and stabilised using a heat-treatment process.


Freeze-drying, or lyophilisation, is achieved by deep-freezing or freezing the product then transforming the water it contains into vapour (process called ‘sublimation’). This results in a fine powder composed of the inactivated bacteria, some cell fragments and metabolites.

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DSM-Firmenich Houdan SAS

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