The Story of Lactéol®

Docteur Pierre Boucard -  La découverte des Lactobacillus LB - Lactéol®

The discovery of a new treatment for digestive disorders

In 1907, a French doctor, Pierre Boucard, discovered that certain micro-organisms called lactic bacteria that were found in the human intestine could help to relieve the symptoms of digestive problems and have beneficial effects on health.

Further studies yielded some particularly interesting results because they showed that when these live bacteria were heat-treated to improve their safety and stability, the bacterial products still worked equally well to improve patients’ digestive health.

Two bacterial strains of human origin were isolated: L.delbrueckii and L.fermentum. These two strains were combined, grown together in culture medium then heat-treated. The resulting compound, Lactobacillus LB, was the first of the biotic compounds which we know today as ‘postbiotics’. Postbiotics have been shown to have an important role to play in many therapeutic areas and especially in digestive health.1

Dr Boucard firmly believed that Lactobacillus LB would help patients suffering from digestive disorders by reducing symptoms like pain, diarrhea and bloating. He set up a laboratory to develop a new generation of products for digestive health now called postbiotics.

Laboratoire du Lactéol - médicament anti diarrhéique et restauration de la flore intestinale

Lactéol®, a well-established digestive postbiotic2

After Dr Boucard’s death, his successor Dr Boisseau modernised their postbiotic range using new technologies to reduce dosage, concentrate active components and incorporate lyophilisation into the manufacturing process. These advances resulted in more efficacious and patient-friendly products that were still based on the same principle of a combination of two bacterial strains in fermented culture medium inactivated by heat-treatment.

The Lactéol® postbiotic range, based on Lactobacillus LB, is manufactured by DSM-Firmenich in its plant near Paris in France.

Lactéol® is available in over 30 countries worldwide.

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