Lactéol®, postbiotic pioneer in digestive health

Naturally designed for peaceful intestines

Lactéol® is a medicinal product based on a digestive postbiotic, Lactobacillus LBLactobacillus LB is a natural compound derived from gut-friendly bacteria of human origin that have a positive impact on health. 

What is Lactéol® ?

Lactéol® is an effective postbiotic specifically designed to manage digestive disorders including diarrhea. Lactéol® restore gut health and improves digestive comfort

Postbiotics are natural, inanimate microbial compounds which act on our digestive system to restore balance and improve overall digestive health.

Lactobacillus LB is the active ingredient in Lactéol®. It is not affected by the acid environment of the stomach so it is ready to act within the lower part of the digestive tract.1,2

Lactéol®, contains heat-treated Lactobacillus LB which has been shown to play an important role in restoring the delicate natural balance of micro-organisms found in our intestines. 

When should I take Lactéol®? 3,4

When your digestive system is upset?

Lactéol® is a digestive postbiotic that works with the good bacteria in our intestines to fight against invading germs or pathogens and helps to restore microbial balance to improve overall digestive health.

If you have an episode of acute diarrhea

Lactéol® reduces the duration of acute diarrhea.*

If you are taking antibiotics

Antibiotics upset the natural balance of the bacteria which live in our intestines which can cause diarrhea. 
Lactéol® restores the natural balance of your gut microbiota. Lactéol® can be taken at the same time as antibiotics.

If you suffer from a chronic digestive disorder like IBS**

Lactéol® relieves symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating that often occur in people who suffer chronic digestive complaints such as IBS.5

If your baby or child has an upset tummy

Lactéol® sachet is suitable for all the family including babies and toddlers with upset tummies.*

Lactéol® 340 mg sachets can be used for all ages: babies, children and adults. Lactéol® 340 mg capsules are suitable for adults and children over 6 years of age. *Lactéol® should be taken in addition to rehydration and/or dietary measures to treat symptoms of diarrhea. **IBS = Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Lactéol® is available in sachet or capsule form.3,4   Each 340 mg dose contains 10 billion inactivated Lactobacillus LB.*

The recommended daily dose of Lactéol® 340 mg is 1 or 2 sachets or capsules per day, depending on the intensity of symptoms. If required you can take 3 doses on the first day of treatment.3,4

If symptoms persist for more than 2 days, consult your doctor. If you need any further information, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

*Lactéol® 170mg capsules is also available in certain markets

Lactéol® 340mg sachets

Lactéol® 340mg sachets are easy-to-take and are suitable for babies and children as well as for adults. They can be dissolved in water and have a pleasant banana and orange flavour.

Babies and young children: Simply mix the content of the Lactéol® 340mg sachet with water either in a baby bottle or in half a glass of water. Stir the mixture to make sure that the powder is dispersed then give it to your child to drink

Lactéol® is a preparation based on natural active ingredients3,4

Lactéol® contains Lactobacillus LB which is a natural compound derived from gut-friendly bacteria of human origin that have a positive impact on health : L.fermentum L.delbrueckii.

During the manufacturing process for Lactéol®, the L.fermentum and L.delbrueckii undergo a special heat-treatment process which ensures that the resulting once-living bacteria will have positive activity inside the gut.

10 billion

Heat-treated Lactobacillus LB** (L.fermentum and L.delbrueckii)

**Bacteria naturally present in the human gut


Fermented culture medium

Enriched with active substances

Why choose Lactéol®?

Lactéol® is an effective postbiotic specifically designed to manage digestive disorders and restore gut health.

As a postbiotic, Lactéol® differs from probiotics. It is ready to act and offers beneficial health effects without the risks associated with live micro-organisms.6,7

Lactéol® has a good safety profile

Lactéol® has a solid track record. It has been prescribed by doctors for over 100 years and is available in more than 35 countries worldwide.3,4

Lactéol® has practical advantages

Unlike probiotics, Lactéol® contains inanimate micro-organisms making it a stable product that can be transported and stored at room temperature.

Lactéol® is made in France

The original bacterial strains contained in Lactéol® are stored at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Lactéol® is manufactured in France. 

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